Nai Davina combines natural artistic skills to enhance ultimate elevation and balance of self and others through ongoing workshops, consultations, and projects. As a dancer/ dance teacher for over 20 years, Nai has utilized her art form not only as a platform to perform but also as a therapeutic healing tool to release through free expression, yoga and movement.

Being a Vegetarian then Vegan since 2008 Nai Davina demonstrates the importance of how diet, movement and meditation are essential in maintaining optimum capacity of health. She trained to become a certified Afrikan Yoga teacher in Uganda with the founder, Pablo Imani, and expanded her expertise and knowledge to incorporate this ancient discipline.

Nai a student of the universe, also uses her self-study of astrology and the movement of celestial bodies through the different areas of space from which she explains “we are constantly receptive too, via the nervous system” as a navigation system and to provide personal consultations into how it has a direct effect on the physical reality and the mental body.

“Everything is Imagination! Once we align ourselves with this energy and are able to clear our mental and physical faculties to use the highest expression of our minds we become open to unlimited possibilities” – Nai Davina

Nai has dedicated the majority of her life to teaching numerous fields of education in dance, history, travel, self development and yoga, the focus is merely to gain a more wholistic experience via unconventional methods of learning.

As CEO of Back to Roots, Creative Artist and Dance Facilitator, she is also co-founder of Back 2 Roots, a youth led organisation based on educating, innovating and elevating through the use of arts media and culture. With the focus on travel and broadening perspectives, her work with young people and the wider community in areas such as history, arts and health continue to expand through social engagement.

Projects include Love Never Loses its Way Home, (Filmed Project to Egypt), Ethiopian Pilgrimage (Filmed project to Ethiopia) , Skin Deep Theatre Productions, Invitation Performance from Julius Garvey (Son of Marcus Garvey) @ London Blackheath Theatre, International Youth Exchange – Arts to Social Change project to Ghana, I Love My Womb and much more.

Double Award Winner Nai received recognition for her contribution to her works with Young People along with her company’s Contribution to Education via MBC Awards 2013 and her Heroes and Sheroes Award 2016 . No doubt her works are endless and will continue.

“My aim is to assist in helping as much people on my journey to enhance their evolution, reaching their fullest potential, whilst enjoying the journey along the way. Expressing your Evolution is Key” – Nai Davina