As a baby enters the world and takes her first breath, every cosmic entity in the sky is activated during that point of conception and impresses itself upon her. Ultimately she is influenced by that energy and it becomes her own personal cosmic blue print. Her own navigation system with all the information sent via light waves she needs to know about herself for her evolution.

Every Celestial body is emitting light and sound waves which in turn shapes our reality, once you learn how to move with it we are then able to understand the true essence of ‘Knowing Thyself’.

Astro 101 readings Include:

Depth Birth Chart 

– We will look at the energy you were born with, your cosmic blueprint and what this energy means for you with a breakdown of your written purpose.

– Look at your Personal, Relationship, Financial, Family Energy and how to activate these areas for the best.

– All aspects of your personality

– Your own personal development 

– Your moon and other planets and what sign they are in and what that means for you

– Which areas of growth are needed for you to enhance the potential of your chart.

– What particular/intricate energies are more amplified and how you can use these for personal growth.


– Progressed Chart

 Cosmic forecast of where you are now.

– Transit

What major transits or planetary movements are affecting you and how to overcome them in order to attain your goals etc

Dates to look out for to make the right moves etc

– Summary/Questions
Anything you want to ask 

Astrology is basically a forecast similar to the weather it changes fluctuates and has an affect on human behaviour. It is looking in detail at the potential influences you were born under in order to navigate to a more fulfilled life.

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“The reading I received was of great benefit as it confirmed I’m on the right path and helped me to understand myself and my purpose better. I would highly recommend it!”


“Thank you Naomi I loved my mini reading. It was very insightful and made me more aware of the things I think I already knew and opened my eyes to what I didn’t……. I think I would benefit from further readings. Thank you!”


“A star and a great assistance in what she does. Being able to translate energy in a way which is easy to understand and makes so much sense, and be able to give direction based on what she finds, gives her readings so much validity.”

Tony N.

“My reading with Naomi was amazing!!! So informative and accurate. She basically confirmed everything that i knew and was also able to give so much insight into areas where i needed to work on to get the best results in specific areas of my life. I’ve learnt so much about myself just through having a reading and i’m still finding her analysis so useful NOW, 1 year later!”


Amazing. I have such a big response to this I’m unable to explain. Thank you. I keep re-reading the Reading you sent me. It made me intrigued as to how you came about having such a skill and knowledge about this.”


“Naomi was exceptionally skilled, precise and thorough with her consultation. She is very warm, approachable and personable. She has the ability to give in depth clarity and understanding with her readings.

She highlighted everything with accuracy and allowed me to ask any questions that I wanted and made me feel very comfortable doing so. She also gave me practical advice as to how I could apply whatever came up in my chart. She is a fantastic and very knowledgeable astrologer. I have learnt so much from her already and I look forward to learning more from her about myself and astrology. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in having in depth self discovery with someone who is amazing at what they do and can greatly beautify that journey. She has provided an invaluable contribution to my journey of self discovery that has enhanced my life and which I appreciate very much.”